How I Take Photos of Myself When Hiking Solo

How do I take photos of myself when I travel and hike solo?

This is the most common question that I get, so in this blog post, I’m going to break it down!

For starters, yes it adds weight. And for me, that’s ok. Most of my gear is fairly ultralight, so I don’t mind carrying the extra 5 to 7 pounds in camera gear. I could shoot on my iPhone and I have. But as my photography skills grow, I need more capabilities that my iPhone XS doesn’t offer but my Canon does. Side note – if you’re just starting, you don’t need the most expensive camera on the market. A moderate body and a nicer lens will take you far. Get a cheaper DSLR camera, learn how to use it, how to shoot in manual and expand your equipment from there.



I shoot with a Sony A7iii and I mainly use my 24-70mm lens.


I also have a tripod. The Peak Designs Carbon Fiber Tripod is sturdy, light weight, and you can create different angles with it. Carbon fiber is more expensive because it’s lighter and sturdier, there is also an aluminum one that weights slightly more, is not as sturdy but it works well and it cheaper!

Use the Pixel intervalometer to take photos.

  1. I keep the intervalometer in one hand and another piece is connected to the camera as a clicker! Then every time I click, the camera takes a photo. This is also what I do for astrophotography.
  2. The other way is to do continuous shooting. I plug the intervalometer into my camera and set a timed repeat shooting. I typically do every 3 seconds. So the camera takes a photo every 3 seconds. This is a great option for no hands shooting!

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to take photos on your next solo hiking adventure! Remember to subscribe to my email newsletter for more recommendations.

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