Why You Should Try Skiing or Snowboarding This Winter

Try snowboarding this winter
Try snowboarding this winter

Skiing or snowboarding for the first time can be scary. It’s one of those things where if you didn’t grow up going to the slopes every weekend, it’s harder to pick up as an adult. But once you do, it opens up a whole new world in adventuring outdoors, especially in the winter months.


I went skiing for the first time in my sophomore year in college, I spent the whole three day weekend on my butt, but gosh it was fun. And the views and the winter wonderland were absolutely stunning. After I graduated college, I switched to snowboarding, mainly because I thought falling on a snowboard while learning was easier than on skis. Since then, I’ve made it a point to go multiple times throughout winter and progress every year.


So when the weather gets cool, and the trails get snowed in, snowboarding gives me something in the mountains to keep looking forward to, a way to experience the outdoors in the winter, and something to keep progressing on.


Here are the reasons why you should try skiing or snowboarding this winter.


Be an outdoor adventurer year round

This is my favorite one. Through snowboarding or skiing, you’re not limited to just adventuring during the summer months. The fun does not need to stop in October/November.


There’s always room to grow and keep progressing

There’s so much to do and learn. You can ski or snowboard at the resort at the different levels, learn to do jumps and other tricks for the park section, try cross country skiing, learning to do backcountry snowboarding or skiing, and learn to mountaineer up a mountain and ski or snowboard down! Plus who doesn’t love a new challenge?


It’s great exercise

Just like hiking, skiing and snowboarding are full body workouts. You’ll use your legs, core, and arms even. It will help keep you active outdoors during the winter months while giving you a full body workout and training muscles you might not even use while hiking.


Explore and experience destinations in a different way

Every season offers a unique experience. Even month-to-month a destination can completely change. In October you experience fall colors with oranges and reds everywhere, in November you see the hushness of winter start to creep up, in December the first snowfall, in January winter wonderland, and in February snow piled so high you can snowboard off the roof in your hotels.


It will make you happier and reduce stress

There is a wealth of scientific research that supports that spending time outdoors and in nature is good for is. It makes us happier, reduces stress, improves your memory and focus, lowers blood pressure, and boosts your immune system. Fresh and clean air is also good for your respiratory system. It balances circadian rhythms and helps you get better and deeper sleep. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your health and happiness needs!


Fun for the whole family

Skiing and snowboarding is something the whole family can do. I’ve seen so many kiddos looking like cute teddy bears in their snow clothes zooming past me on the mountain. If you’re just learning to snowboard or ski yourself, most resorts offer children’s classes based on age group and they offer adult classes to. Resorts usually offer a variety of evening activities for the whole family too. From bowling to firework shows.


Make new friends

You can make friends on the ski lifts, on the runs, and while grabbing beers at the lodge. Everyone is there for the same reason to ski or snowboard and to have a good time. So you’ll be in the same place as others with similar interests. Need friends who snowboard or ski? You now know exactly where to meet them.


Stop hating winter

By finding a way to experience the outdoors during the winter months, you’ll finally stop hating winter, start embracing its beauty and all the stoke to be had. 


Winter wonderland

Enough said! Who doesn’t want to experience a winter wonderland!

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