1 Day Glacier National Park Itinerary

Glaicer National Park in Canada, along Highway 1 is a hidden gem. When most people think about Glacier National Park, they think of the one in Montana. But this one is a small park that runs along this scenic road and is only an hour or so outside of Golden, BC.


If you like hiking, especially harder hikes, seeing glaciers, and adventures like that, then this is the park for you. Ideally, spend some time here and do some of the trials. But if you only have a day like I did, I have a list of stunning trails to choose from.


Best Time to Visit

I visited in the fall. But you really can’t go wrong in the summer or the fall months.


Hiking Trails

Before heading out on the trails, make sure to stop by the visitor’s center. I wanted to do Balu Pass but sadly had to change plans at the last minute. They were only allowing groups of 4 to hike that trail because of the grizzly bear activity. You can go with strangers. That’s a great way to make friends! Normally I would have gone, but I was there to create content and on a timeline so I opted in to explore solo.


Even around grizzly bears, you can hike solo. Just always bring bear spray and make noise while hiking.


If you want to get close and personal with a glacier, then the first trail on your list should be Perley Rock. It takes you right up to Illecillewaet Glacier.


Additional hikes are:

Abbott Ridge Trail

Asilkan Valley Trail

Balu Pass

Hermit Trail


Where to Stay

If you’re interested in camping, you can stay within the park but will need to get a campground reservation in advance.


I stayed in Golden, BC which is about an hour outside of the park. It gave me a chance to shower, not worry about the weather conditions, and grab great food in town. Mexican, ramen, BBQ… you name it. It was all amazing.


I stayed at the Rooms at Riveredge. It was a small hotel, but very cute inside and very romantic (if you’re traveling as a couple).

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