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A hiking coach and the creator of Limitless Hiker, which has helped hundreds of other people just like you overcome what’s holding them back and go on to hike the trails they’ve been dreaming of. A Limitless Hiker is able to pick a trail and go for it without fearing for their safety, without second-guessing your skillset, and with the confidence needed to make it to the top of the mountain and back down. Ready to become one?

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Stop living your life from the sidelines…

If you’re like most here, you’re currently a Nervous Hiker who wants to get out there and hike and backpack, but never feels quite ready of confident enough. Join the thousands of other hikers who are on their way to becoming Limitless Hikers and receive weekly emails that will transform your hiking journey. Plus you get my full backpacking and day hiking packing lists for free.


woman hiking in the mountains in california

Limitless Hiker Academy

It’s an one of a kind A to Z backpacking course, so you no longer need to guess how to get out there or wonder if you didn’t Google something. It’s designed to eliminate overwhelm, not create more, while giving you all of the information that will help you go backpacking. Become a confident and prepared hiker who is able to actually pick a trail and go for it without the crippling fear for your safety.

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Hiking Solo Workshop

For the hiker who is ready to stop waiting on someone else’s schedule and fears. Lose the knot in your stomach that is playing your fears over and over in your head and walk away with the exact skills to be able to confidently hike solo without worrying for your safety.


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