Ready to live your life to the fullest?

You only live once, so why are you going to let someone else’s schedule, insecurities, and life stop you from living your own? They’re on their own journey and you need to be on yours. 

So stop sitting around waiting for someone to go with you to the dream vacation, trip, hike, adventure you’ve been longing to do, and just go for it. 

In this workshop, we’re going to cover:

> How to master your mindset so you’re not getting in your own way.

> How to choose your first solo hike.

> The transition between solo day hiking and solo backpacking.

> A walkthrough of creating a solo safety plan and what to do if something happens.

> How to mentally prepare yourself on and off the trail. 

> Things to do to make sure you don’t get lonely when you’re alone.

> How to talk to your family and friends about you going by yourself and calming them down.

> A full breakdown of how to get banger photos all by yourself.

> Then finally getting you out there!


PLUS – You’ll also get a backpacking packing list to make sure you’re not overpacking or underpacking.

Step outside of your comfort zone

By learning to hike and backpack solo, you’re going to develop a better connection with yourself, learn to take safety into your own hands, and step into becoming a more empowered hiker. 

Of course, it’s scary. Stepping outside of your comfort zone ALWAYS is. But as you challenge yourself, you become a stronger and more independent person.

Who Am I?

I’m Jenny!

I’ll be your coach and virtual guide helping you along this journey to become an empowered hiker. I didn’t grow up hiking, camping, or living the outdoor life I do now. In just a few years, I’ve gone from someone afraid of even sleeping in a tent, to hiking some of the hardest trails around the US and experiencing destinations I never thought I would have the chance to see.

I started hiking, backpacking, and traveling solo because I got tired of waiting around for someone to go with me. Today, I’ve traveled all over solo, and hiked and backpacked bucket list destinations like Havasupai solo.

Solo travel and hiking completely transformed my life. I turned from someone who was sitting around waiting to go on the adventures I wanted to, to actually going on them! In the process, I’ve become a more confident hiker and backpacker, learned to rely on myself, and have become more empowered in my life.

I hear that it’s safer to go with others, but is it really?

What happens if you both get lost and neither of you know how to read a map?

What if your partner has a medical emergency and you need to figure it out?

What if you separate and then you need to figure things out?

Anything can happen, and even if you choose to go with company, you need to know how to rely on yourself for safety.

Many of us spend our lives living in fear because we’ve been told that’s what we should do. But you have one life, so is that how you want to spend it? Living in fear? Instead of taking safety into your own hands and getting out there with or without company?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It’s not about being brave, it’s about taking ACTION despite fear.

Are you ready to start fearlessly hiking and backpacking solo? Are you ready to step into becoming a confident solo hiker?