Training & Fitness

Why Your Weight Should Not Stop You From Hiking

But how are those fears and beliefs helping you get started with hiking? How are they helping you get “fit enough?” Or are they just keeping you safe and afraid?

6 Things You Didn’t Think to Google About Backpacking

If you could just Google everything, wouldn’t you already have solved it, wouldn’t you have Googled yourself more backpacking confidence, and wouldn’t you already be out there hiking and backpacking?

How to Reduce Knee Pain On and Off the Trail

Through what seemed like an endless journey with my knees, with one problem after another, I’ve learned a great deal about how to prevent knee pain and knee injuries.

How to Start Training for Hiking

Training is an essential part of being able to hike and backpack harder trails. Most people underestimate the demand for hiking and end up either huffing and puffing up the mountain feeling miserable the entire time, or they end up getting injured because their bodies aren’t trained correctly.

How to Eat & Stay Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling can be challenging. At home you have a routine but when traveling, there is no routine which makes it so easy to let health take a back seat. After trial and error, I share what’s worked for me to get back to feeling good and staying healthy while traveling.

Are you a seasonal exerciser?

It was a bad habit because it meant that I needed to re-train myself every winter or spring for the coming summer. Instead of already being in shape and continuing to build on my fitness and get stronger.

How to get back into training after a long break

Has it been a while since you’ve worked out? I get it. Life gets in the way, injuries happen, finding motivation becomes hard, and working out takes a back seat. Don’t stress about it, you can’t change the past, but you can start today and keep it going moving forward.

How to stay active at home

In this blog, I’ll cover how to stay active at home and I have a free 5 day workout schedule you can download and copy, it’s all bodyweight exercises at the end of the post!

How to stick to your fitness goals

When starting a new workout routine, it’s so easy to start and then fall off. In this post, I break down exactly how to set and stick to your fitness goals so that you can finally get strong and hike those dream trails!

How to stay motivated with your hiking fitness goals

This is one of the hardest parts about working out. It’s not the actual workout, it’s staying motivated to workout especially in the beginning and when life gets busy.

Why and How to Stretch for Hiking

When hiking, I do a deep stretch during my lunch break and when I get back to camp. During breaks, I take some time to roll my ankles, stretch out my hips lightly and anything else that’s feeling tight.

How to Recover After a Hike Without Losing Strength Gains

Let active recovery be an integral part of your training routine, even during hiking off-season. This prevents peaks and valleys in your fitness level and helps you recover physically and psychologically from the stress of training and hiking.

Taking Care Of Your Feet on a Long Hike

Foot pain can taint even the most remarkable experience. So I’ve partnered with Injinji to share how I prevent foot pain on long day hikes, multi-day backpacking trips, and even week long treks.