John Muir Trail

A Guide to Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite

On a whim, I applied for the Half Dome permit on the last day of the preseason lottery opening. Surprisingly I got a permit! And for my second choice day! This hike was anything but easy. To this day, Half Dome is still one of the most challenging hikes I’ve done.

Why You Need a Bear Canister for the Backcountry

Bear canisters… they’re bulky, add weight to your pack, never easy to pack, hard to fit more than a couple days’ worth of food and scented items in them… but we need them.

How to Start Training for Hiking

What dream hike is on your list? Half Dome? Everest Base Camp? Patagonia? With training, you can get into hiking shape so your bucket list “one day” hike can become a reality.

Taking Care Of Your Feet on a Long Hike

Foot pain can taint even the most remarkable experience. So I’ve partnered with Injinji to share how I prevent foot pain on long day hikes, multi-day backpacking trips, and even week long treks.

John Muir Trail: Tuolumne Meadow to Angew Meadow

The trail starts from Tuolumne Meadows and follows the river until the ascent up Donahue Pass. As you climb higher and higher, you have expansive views of the meadows below and where you hiked from. You get a great view of Mt. Lyell and Lyell Glacier right underneath it. And you’ll pass a couple of pristine alpine lakes.

John Muir Trail Resupplies

On my thru-hike, I planned to be on the trail for 17 to 18 days, so I needed to plan accordingly. The hardest part is not over packing, really thinking about what you’ll need and what you’ll want to eat.

How to Reduce Knee Pain On and Off the Trail

Like most, I’ve struggled with bad knee pain on the trail, especially the steep downhill sections. After much research and talking to doctors on what to do about my knee pain, how to prevent it and how to deal with it on the trail, here is what works for me.

Getting John Muir Trail Permits For Backpacking

I break down the whole permit system, including permits leaving Yosemite heading SOBO, permits heading NOBO, section hikes and basically every way you can get a permit to end up on the John Muir Trail.