Finding Hot Springs in Mammoth Lakes, California

Hot springs are one of the best ways to soak your sore muscles after a day hiking or on the slopes. They’re also in a prime location to take a soak and enjoy views of the Eastern Sierra’s. Mammoth has five hot springs just a 15 to 20 minute drive from town.


There is no cost to visit any of these hot springs, there are no facilities (so follow leave no trace principles), and some travel on dirt roads is required. Just for reference, my Mazda 3 can make it on these dirt roads in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter you may need a higher clearance vehicle and 4×4 depending on the snow conditions at the time.


This hot spring is also known as Wild Willy’s Hot Spring, there are two places to soak. The larger pool is generally around 95 degrees while the smaller one is around 105. Temperatures vary day-to-day and season to season.

From Mammoth take US-395 S and from Bishop you take US-395 N to Benton Crossing Rd. From Benton Crossing Rd for 3.1 miles. When you cross over a cattle guard, turn right when you see a small dirt road on your right. Then continue on for 1.2 miles to the parking area. Once in the parking area, you’ll see a wooden boardwalk taking you to the hot spring.


Also known as the Hilltop Hot Tub. This hot spring is a man-made pool fed by a steamy creek. This hot spring can fit up to 8 people.

From Mammoth take US-395 S and from Bishop you take US-395 N to Benton Crossing Rd (look for the green church). Drive down this road, same as if you’re headed towards Crowley Hot Springs, but instead of turning right, keep going. You’ll descend a little hill, then at the bottom, turn left. Follow that until you see a fork in the road and go right for about 300 yards to a dirt parking area. Once there walk a little further to the meadowy area with the hot spring.


This is definitely one of the busier hot springs in Mammoth. People also tend to camp nearby, it’s prohibited at the spring. This hot spring is a cement pool (a hot tub basically) and fits 6 to 8 people.

From Mammoth take US-395 S and from Bishop you take US-395 N to Benton Crossing Rd (look for the green church). Then turn left onto Whitmore Tubs Road and follow it for about a mile. You’ll see a second dirt road on the right, turn right and you’ll see the spring. You can park right in front of it.


This hot spring is further North compared to the others. It’s just outside of Bridgeport on CA State Park land. From Mammoth, you head North on US-395 N for about 50 miles. Then turn right on Jack Sawyer Rd. Follow this road for another mile to reach the hot spring.

Camping is not allowed near the hot spring, but you can camp in the area. Dept. of Parks and Recreation 800-777-0369


Last but not least, this hot spring has two pools and is next to a stream. If you’re looking to camp in the area, there is a primitive Forest Service campground about a mile away. And in the winter, you can cross country ski to the spring.

From Mammoth, head north on the US-395 N for about 51 miles to Bridgeport. Turn left onto Twin Lakes Road at the end of town. From this road, follow it for about 7 miles to Doc and Al’s resort. Turn right from here onto dirt Forest Service Road 017. Follow the signs to this creek. In 2.5 miles you’ll see a large parking area. From here, it’s a short walk to the spring.

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